Tim Reynolds

Software & Startups

I'm Tim Reynolds, a dedicated full stack developer who thrives on creating modern software that makes a difference. My approach is rooted in agile practices, continuous deployment, and a commitment to architectural simplicity. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with both startups and established enterprise software vendors, primarily in the financial and insurance sectors.

Currently, I am a Lead Engineer at Daphne, taking their alternative asset manager platform from zero to one. Prior to this, I worked at Elephant Healthcare, a primary care-focused software company predominantly serving Sub-Saharan Africa. As the Principal Engineer and part of the engineering senior leadership team, I reported directly to the CTO. In this role, I was instrumental in setting strategy, ensuring the smooth operation of product teams, and driving the adoption of new technologies. I directed the revamp of the data pipeline architecture, transitioning legacy ETLs to a modern Kafka Connect and DBT-based ELT process, resulting in the migration of approximately 30% of our application data to the new architecture within a single quarter. Additionally, I focused on addressing code quality hot spots, particularly in the frontend, to mitigate unnecessary complexity and improve customer satisfaction. As a mentor to product teams, I guided them in extreme programming methodologies, aiming to validate ideas more quickly and deliver incremental changes to enhance the feedback loop. Furthermore, I led the recruitment efforts for full stack engineers, successfully improving our hiring rate from phone screen to hire.

Before Elephant Healthcare, I worked at Kobalt Music, an independent rights management and publishing company. There, I focused on enhancing the company's frontend development capabilities across multiple teams. I led improvements to the frontend web architecture and overall velocity by implementing standardization and best practices. Additionally, I successfully in-housed a business-critical application and developed a new application from scratch within a single quarter.

Prior to Kobalt, I worked at Trussle, a startup disrupting the mortgage broker industry. There, I played a key role in scaling the product engineering team and the application itself. I provided technical insight and system design expertise across development teams, and I significantly upskilled myself and others in modern distributed systems using Docker and Kubernetes.

My technology stack includes a wide range of tools and languages. I have extensive experience with Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, and C# for backend development, and I'm proficient in React for building engaging frontend applications. I've worked with various databases, including PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and MongoDB, and I'm well-versed in cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP, utilizing infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform.

Throughout my career, I've also contributed to open-source projects and created libraries like AutoFixture.js, a JavaScript port of the popular .NET AutoFixture library, and Tricorder, a Prometheus instrumentation middleware for Express that conforms to best practices.